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Established in the modern growing world, Laptop Services In Home in Patel Nagar, New Delhi is a top player in the category Laptop And Computer Repair Services in New Delhi. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and from other parts of New Delhi. Over the course of its journey, this business has established a firm foothold in it’s industry.Laptop repair,Laptop repair,Laptop repair service,Laptop troubleshooting,Laptop screen repair,Laptop keyboard repair,Laptop hardware repair,Laptop software repair,Laptop virus removal,Laptop data recovery,Laptop upgrade service,Laptop diagnostic service,Laptop maintenance,Laptop power jack repair,Laptop overheating repair,Laptop motherboard repair,Laptop repair near me,Reliable laptop repair,Professional laptop repair,Affordable laptop repair,Fast laptop repair . Regenerate response The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services, have helped this establis... Learn More

Welcome To Laptop Services In Home


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Hire the best laptop repair services in Delhi today!

We understand how important laptops are in this day and age. Most people depend on laptops and desktops for their daily work and even entertainment, so it is quite justified that when these devices don’t work well, it can almost feel like something is missing from our lives. This is where we step in - we are known for providing the best quality and most reliable of laptop repair services in Delhi. We also have a simple 3-step working system that makes it very easy for our customers. Give us a call, tell us your requirements and wait for our technician to come and pick up your device from your doorstep! It’s that simple!

Why is Lappy Maker the most preferred choice in Delhi?

  • No Consultation and Visiting Charges
  • We have years of experience, making us extremely competent and sure of what we do
  • We are reliable and budget-friendly
  • Our services are reasonably priced
  • We offer pickup and delivery services
  • We have a team of passionate and skilled employees
  • We offer our services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Kaushambi

What are the signs of a laptop that needs repairing?

Like most electronics, laptops too require regular maintenance and repairs. There are certain signs that are a clear tell that it is time for you to get your laptop/desktop fixed. Some of the signs are -

  • The laptop is not charging properly
  • The battery runs out very quickly
  • The laptop shuts down suddenly
  • The screen of the laptop blanks out periodically
  • The laptop heats up quickly
  • The fan of the laptop is very loud
  • The keys of the keyboard don’t work well
  • Your laptop is infected by viruses
  • There is physical damage to your laptop
  • Services provided -

  • Free consultation
  • Free doorstep pick up and delivery
  • All types of laptop repair
  • 30-day guarantee after the repair
  • Damage protection for up to Rs. 10,000

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Best Laptop Repair Service in Delhi

The world is becoming more remote and flexible these days, which means that more people are becoming extremely dependent on their computers, phones,Gaming laptop repair , PC gaming laptop repair , Laptop gaming repair service , Gaming laptop maintenance , Laptop gaming troubleshooting , Gaming laptop hardware repair , Gaming laptop screen replacement , Gaming laptop keyboard repair , Gaming laptop overheating fix , Gaming laptop graphics card repair , Gaming laptop component replacement , Gaming laptop data recovery , Gaming laptop virus removal , Gaming laptop software repair , Gaming laptop upgrades , Gaming desktop repair , PC repair service , Desktop troubleshooting , Gaming desktop maintenance , Gaming desktop upgrades , Desktop hardware repair , Gaming desktop screen replacement , Graphics card repair , Desktop overheating fix , Gaming desktop keyboard repair , Desktop data recovery , Gaming desktop virus removal , Gaming desktop diagnostics , Gaming desktop power issues , Gaming desktop fan replacement , Gaming desktop RAM upgrade , Gaming desktop software optimization , Gaming desktop driver updates , Gaming desktop motherboard repair , Gaming desktop power supply replacement , Laptop repair , Laptop repair service , Laptop troubleshooting , Laptop screen repair , Laptop keyboard repair , Laptop hardware repair , Laptop software repair , Laptop virus removal , Laptop data recovery , Laptop upgrade service , Laptop diagnostic service , Laptop maintenance , Laptop power jack repair , Laptop overheating repair , Laptop motherboard repair , Laptop repair near me , Reliable laptop repair , Professional laptop repair , Affordable laptop repair , Fast laptop repair, and laptops. The most reliable laptop repair service in Delhi, Laptop Fan Repair,Laptop Keyboard Replacement Laptop Screen Replacement Laptop Service & Cleaning Lost Data Recovery Laptop Motherboard Repair Apple MacBook Repair Laptop Hinges Replacement Laptop Body Repair Laptop Base eplacement Touch Pad Repair & Replacement SSD Installation RAM UP-Grade NVME UP-Grade Hard Disk Drive Replacement Laptop shuts down suddenly Laptop Keyboard Not Working Laptop heats up quickly Laptop Fan Not Working Laptop Fan Making Noise Physical damage to Laptop Showing Virus Not charging properly Battery runs out very quickly Touch Pad Not Working understands how important these gadgets are to you and offers the most reliable and affordable laptop repair services to fix your devices when something goes wrong with them. If you are in Delhi and are struggling with some issues that are hindering you from having the best laptop or desktop experience or even holding you back from giving your best work performance, then you have come to the right place! Laptop repair services are essential these days, and we are here to help you with the same. Feel free to contact us with your query and we will help you out right away!

No Consultation and Visiting Charges, we can fix your laptop hassle-free!


You can also visit at our office in RC 44, 26 - Block, Janta Park New Delhi

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